Bamganie Pet Cremations Service

Urns & Keepsakes

Individual and dignified memorial service.

Bamganie Pets Cremation Service offers a wide range of urns and keepsakes. Our standard memorial package for each individual cremation includes a scatter tin of your choice that comes presented in a soft velvet bag. It is also accompanied by a package of seeds that can be planted to create a memorial for your beloved pet at home. In addition to scatter tins, we also offer an extensive range of other receptacles. Our team will assist you and can advise on the appropriate selection for your pet.

Receptacles and urns are sealed to keep your pet’s ashes secure. If you would prefer to not have the receptacle or urn sealed, please let us know.

Scatter Tins


Bamboo Urns

Standard Handcrafted Timber Box

Pocket Pets

Additional Keepsakes

8D Pet Memorial Keepsake