What happens after we collect your loved ones?

So we have just collected your loved one from home or your vet clinic

Once we have collected your loved one our driver collects all the details of your furry friend which includes, their name, size, receptacle choice, engraving required and any other special instructions you have requested. These details follow your loved one through the whole process.

Now your furry friend is on their way to Bamganie Pets Cremation Service.

What happens when your loved one arrives at Bamganie Pets Cremation Service?

Once your furry friend arrives (usually late afternoon) the driver places them in our very large cool room along with all your loved ones details and requests.

The driver then gives copies of those details to our customer service team who let then let the packaging room, cremator and engraver know of any special requests or instructions.

Sometimes you change your mind on which receptacle you would like or what you would like on a plaque, this is not unusual as you make those decisions when you are grieving and under stress. If this is the case you can let your vet clinic know of any changes or call our customer service team directly on 1300 514 414.

Your loved one is now ready for the individual cremation

Once payment has been made, usually the next day (unless it a weekend or public holiday) your loved one will be cremated.

The cremator collects your loved one on a trolley from the cool room and takes them into the cremation room to be weighed.

The cremator then checks the details and requests with your loved one to see if you have asked for paw prints to be taken or some fur to be cut or even if you have requested that we take off the collar and return it with the ashes.

Once all requests are complete your loved one is then placed into one of our 5 furnaces for their individual cremation, this can take anywhere between 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on the weight of your furry friend.

Your loved one has been cremated, what happens now?

After the cremation the cremator takes out the bones from the furnace and places on a cooling tray.

Cooling the bones can take quite a while due to the extreme heat of our furnaces.

Once the bones have cooled down one of our packaging team members collect the bones and the details and requests and place them in an industrial machine which then grinds the bones into ash.

Most people expect a fine ash but this is not the case, the bones are usually ground to a fine sand like texture.

The team member then takes your loved one and their details and requests into the packaging room.

The packaging room

Your loved one is now ready to be placed into the receptacle you have chosen for them.

The team checks the details for any extra accessories ordered such as pendants which hold some ash or requests to split the ashes into different receptacles etc.

The team then usually place your loved ones ashes into a sealed plastic bag and then into the receptacle you have chosen. (Some receptacles come home sealed, if you don’t wish this to happen you should definitely make your vet clinic aware of this or call our customer service team on 1300 514 414)

Engraving plaques

Once the team have your loved ones ashes placed into the receptacle you have chosen for them, they then check for any engraving that is required.

The engraver then makes the plaque which you can receive for free (depending on the receptacle chosen) with the name and dates applied. If you require more engraving than this there is an extra cost.

Plaques come in silver or gold (If not specified you will receive gold).

Once the engraver has created the plaque it has double sided tape place on the back so you can place the plaque on the receptacle wherever you like. (some plaques are fitted with a chain to sit around the neck of specific ceramic and brass urns.

The plaque is then placed in a plastic clip lock bag and put in a velvet bag with the receptacle/s.

Checking all details and requests have been carried out

Once the ashes have been put into the receptacle/s and any engraving has been completed another of our team checks all details and requests have been carried out.

The urn and plaque are placed in a beautiful velvet bag, along with any clipped fur, paw prints, jewellery lockets, crystal, seeds and whatever else you have ordered for your love one.

Once the team are satisfied that all details and requests have been completed they place your loved one into the appropriate drivers returns tub, ready to go back to either the vet clinic or your home (whichever you have organised).

Almost home

Our drivers travel all over Victoria and have specific days they collect or return every week. (Most cremations are returned in one week from the day we collect them, dependent on the receptacle chosen).

The driver will collect and check their return tub the evening before to make sure they have everything to be returned, then your loved one is either taken to your vet for you to collect at your leisure or returned home to you.

PLEASE NOTE ** The home return is an option only if we have collected your loved one from home. ** (Someone must be home at time of return).

Once you collect your loved one you can take them home where they belong.

Some families prefer to have their loved ones ashes scattered in the Bamganie Rose Garden after the cremation (different options for different needs).

Cremation options

Bamganie offers different services, so you can say goodbye the way that suits you and your family best. Such as;

  • Same Day Service – You bring your loved one to Bamganie and take home the same day. (Extra charges apply.)
  • Viewing & Same Day Service – You can view your loved one be placed into the furnace and take home the same day. (Extra charges apply.)
  • Dropping Off – You can drop your loved one off to us personally and we can return to you within a few days or you can collect from Bamganie after 48 hours. (No extra costs apply with this option.)
  • Vet Clinic – Using your local vet clinic to organise the cremation through us, they will take care of all the details for you and we collect and return to the clinic.